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XL size in an equally exceptional aircraft.


2.920 mm.
2.620 mm.

from 10 to 30kg.

Design based on its little brother the Ultiamtum 2.0 but with many aesthetic, structural and manufacturing innovations that make the Ultimatum 3.0 a unique and exceptional jet RC, and where the flight range will reach practically all levels, even radical 3D flight.

Made with the most modern and innovative materials, the assembly of the Ultimatum 3.0 becomes extremely simple and fast.

Optional equipment

  • Pipe aluminum/ titanium
  • Set transmissions stainless steel / aluminium
  • Fuel tank 4 l Kevlar
  • Fuel tank 4 l + Smoke tank 1 l.
  • Landing gear Electron ER-50
  • Bags de Luxe
Do you want your plane to be exclusive?
We offer you the option of out-of-mold painting with the Japanese painting technique.
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